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Question asked by gotwake on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by beverly

So, From the standard "contact" form when opening FM 16 Advance.. I want a few things from this app and looking for some direction. Maybe even consider throwing a little $$ if someone wants to make me a blank DB so I can just make it run.


Here is everything I am looking for.

1) to be able to add notes to my contacts ( expl, I call Bobs windows on 1/6/18 on that day he tells me about his schedule ad asks for me to call him back on the 8th.. on the 8th I call and he is out of the office.) How do I keep those note in my "notes" category WITH the Date that is auto plugged in overtime I open the notes for that customer AND keep the nots in that bank.


2) Make an alarm or set a notification to call him ( fax email eat) this contact on a specific date on file maker.


Thanks for your help in advance.