0 Quantities on Sub Summary parts and GetSummary calculations

Discussion created by kemseakeiron on Jan 8, 2019
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Hi all, I have a report with a summary of transaction quantities.


When we have a transaction in of 100 we get +100, and out 100 we get -100, resulting in a total of 0.


Problem is two-fold.


1. On other reports, I seem to be able to hide the ZERO's based on a get summary auto-calculation. For this particular report, it doesn't want to work. Despite being an identical copy of the other. (just a different field displayed)


2. I can generate a report using a summary from a parent table to omit 0 results. However, this is extremely slow.


Any suggestions on how I can hide these zero sub summary results?

Everything on other threads is either extremely slow or not functioning as expected.



Report with 0 showingKSI Report 0.PNG




KSI Report 2.PNG



Report that hides the 0:

KSI Report 3.PNG



KSI Report 4.PNG


Am I missing something simple?