Disappearing Globals

Discussion created by dsimonson on Jan 9, 2019
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I have a card window that opens up to allow a user to enter vital signs data into a bunch of global fields, and then writes those fields to the intended tables.  Pretty standard technique.


Here's my issue:  I do not clear the globals, because the next time the user wants to add another set of vital signs, it is useful to have the previous data already there.  However, and this seems to happen erratically (it happened after the 4th set of vital signs were entered yesterday), the fields are getting cleared!  This was on a FM server version, I understand the issue about globals being reset when the user logs out etc.  But this happened all without any logout or in.

I have looked over the associated scripts and script triggers, and haven't found the culprit - so I'm asking you all if you have any obvious things (or better yet, non-obvious things) I might be missing.  Is there anything other than a user logging in or out or a script step that might cause a global field to be cleared?