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Export records in Excel format on WebDirect layout

Question asked by wimmmmm on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by wimmmmm

I've read the previous posting Export records in Excel from WebDirect  but I still have some questions about the finer mechanics.


This is what I'm considering now as the flow (updating this as more info comes along)

  • using WebDirect, a user goes to a list of records
  • user clicks a "Download" button
  • (WebDirect) script calls a PSoS via Insert From URL, passing on the current record set as some parameter
    • HOW exactly? Build a JSON with all current record keys? Seems doable. Are there some CF for this available?
  • PSoS script receives a set of record indicators, finds all records belonging to these keys
    • HOW exactly? by looping over keys & adding one record at the time to the found set? Is that performant enough if sets are large (+1.000 records)?
    • Same: is there by any chance a CF available to do this?
  • PSoS exports into an Excel file & stores file somewhere
    • Will a global container field be accessible by the same user in the WebDirect session? PSoS and WebDirect sessions have the same user (so maybe yes?) but a different session (so probably no?)
    • a temp path on server: how could the WebDirect user get a URL to download this file? So probably no
    • a record field container: I would not want to store all these created docs in the db... Maybe delete them at end of session?
    • Since I'm using a user table, I could store the doc onto this user record. This way I'm sure the doc is available to this user (only) and I don't have to worry about global fields/global variables not being available in different sessions/client/server environments.
  • When PSoS script is done, WebDirect script continues & offers download
    • via Export Field Contents - kinda implies the need to store the document into a field?


But still seems like an huge pile of work, while the other flavors (TAB, CSV) are simply one script step, just simply lacking the header row with field names :-(


Thanks for feedback!