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QuickFind doesn't work in WPI?

Question asked by diquito on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by diquito

Hi All,


I have a "perform quickfind" step in a script the works as expected when I run it in the Client but using it in a WPI environment; it does not work at all. It seems like the whole script is not working properly, it's more like an older version of the script. I know that it's the latest version of the script. I did a test with "Set ErrorCapture" and that it's being reflected in the WPI environment.

The requirement for the "Perform QuickFind" seems to be that it has to only look through the fields in the current layout. I had to add a script step where I go from a "Search input" layout to a "Perform Search" layout to make the search process to work. In the script, I have a check step that halts the script and goes back to the search input layout if the result of the search doesn't return anything. This step does not work either in the WPI environment? It does work as expected in the client.

The Search input layout contains global fields that represent the search criteria field and one "Free text" field, which is global also, this is the field used for the QuickFind function.


This is the script:

Hope somebody has an input on this issue? I've scratching my head for a long time now. Even restarted the Filemaker Server while troubleshooting.

The solution is hosted on a FileMaker Server 16 on a Windows 2016 Datacenter Server.

The client is a FileMaker Advanced 17