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Formating Merge Fields to Print PDF Report

Question asked by tippin on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by tippin

Hello again.

I am having difficulty setting up a report to print a series of 5 merge fields.  The issue is either with there being too much text and some gets cut off when printing, or if I increase the size of the text area containing the merge field, I end up with an extra blank page printing at the end of the report.


This is the layout of the text box with merge fields and titles:





<<Frame Check Basement>>



Main Floor


<<Frame Check Mail Floor>>


Upper Floor

<<Frame Check Upper Floor>>



<<Frame Check Garage>>



<<Frame Check Outside>>




I might be missing something.  In the report layout, can I specify the page size to be "letter"  and have this field expand to the number of pages required to show all data, but not show the blank page?


Each "Report" shows only the Current Record, as the Frame Check data for each record will be different.  Each record is an individual house being built, and the frame check data is completed by my site manager and sent to the subcontractor crew for repairs to be made before the job is paid out.


Can anyone tell if I am using these merge fields incorrectly?