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relationship with external FMS file -- same account needed for authentication?

Question asked by ceath on Jan 10, 2019
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I have an older solution, call it CUSTOMERS, that contains customer ID, first name, and last name of the customer.

Now I've built a newer solution, call it NOTES, that needs to pull the first name and last name of customers from the CUSTOMERS file based on the customer ID.  If a user in NOTES enters a customer ID, the idea is to have that customer's name display for the user.  I've built an external data source into NOTES that points to CUSTOMERS.  There is a relationship between the customer reference in NOTES and the customer ID in CUSTOMERS.  Both files are running on FileMakerServer 16.

The two tables have these fields, with a relationship linking CUSTOMERS::Customer_ID with NOTES::Customer_Reference.



When I log in to NOTES with my Admin account, I see the linked customer names displayed on layouts as expected.  However, when I log on as a regular user, I see  <no access> in the two fields under Web Direct, and blank fields when using FileMaker Pro as a client.

I suspect the issue has to do with authentication in the CUSTOMERS file, but my research in the FileMaker documentation and in the community forums leaves me unsure.

Here is generic picture of the security accounts that are in the two files:

User XUser A
User YUser B
User C


Logging as User A, User B or User C in NOTES does not provide access to the two name fields in the CUSTOMERS files.

My theory was that NOTES is attempting to authenticate to CUSTOMERS with its user account (e.g. User A).  Because User A is not a valid user in CUSTOMERS, the data is not displayed.  However, if I add an account to CUSTOMERS for User A, I still get the same result.  Also, if I add User X to the NOTES file and log on with that account, I also get the same results.  So I think I'm looking in the wrong place.

Any help on how two files cross-authenticate would be appreciated.