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Stock Report Puzzler

Question asked by FM_DM on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by FM_DM

Okay so I have started an new inventory system for electrical parts used by the engineer in our company. In order to complete a stock report my boss requires a report which show the current cost of all stock items which have been purchased specifically for jobs (as opposed to regular van stock) .

My inventory system is based off the inventory starter solution in filemaker pro 16 . As such items are not treated individually but as part of a count of stock transactions.


In order to get the report I run the following script:

Stock - Install Report.PNG

This works fine if only one item was bought However I am having the following issues:

Stock - Install issues.PNG

Item 20810 & 21665 is just a stock Item I have removed as it was for an install job marked as install in the transaction but is still turning up in the report? I assume as we still have units in stock.


Item 21696 Shows the install item coming into stock and then leaving. However as there still a number of these items in stock it still shows up on the report.


So please can someone help me figure out how to get a report that shows only the item which are still in stock (some way to omit records if the item has been removed?) which have been bought for specific jobs .


For reference this is my database map units on hand is calculated as a count of all stock transactions:units :

Jobs - map.PNG