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Displaying value of most recent record in related table?

Question asked by vitalseeds on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by vitalseeds

Hi Filemakers


I need a field in one table which shows the most recent record from a field in a related table.


- The two tables are "Lots List" and "Germ test" (we are talking about seed lots and germination tests here).

- germ test is a line item table

- Each seed lot may have multiple germ tests over its life time

- The tables are linked by "lot #"

- the fields in 'germ test' are: 'lot # FK', 'date', 'result', and 'next test' (date + 6 months)

- In the lots list i want to be able to see the most recent germ test result and the next germ date but when i make a field displaying 'result' in Lots list it shows the result from the first record created rather than the most recent

- is there a easy way to change this?