"Inverse" ghost connections

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Filemaker Server 17

Windows 2016


I've seen the issues posted about ghost connections.  I have a different issue, sort of the opposite.  Instead of single connections that show up more than once, I have an issue with connections that I know are there, but do NOT show up at all in the admin panel.


We have a nightly script routine that runs every night.   This morning I woke up and it hadn't sent me the emails that it usually sends me.   I made some programming changes yesterday that might explain that, but anyway, when I went to the server admin panel, to possibly stop the process, I noticed that the Script Schedule listed the script as "running . . .."  , but the CLIENTS list did NOT show the script running.  I also tried using the command line to look up the list of clients . . . nothing showing there either.   So, I had no way of stopping the script from the server.   I tried disabling the script, but it was still running ( at least it said it was, in the list of schedules, I have no way of knowing for certain.)   I then tried "Stop Database Server", but that didn't work either.


So in the end, I had to brute force stop the FMS service (from Windows "services"), replace the live files with backups, and start things up again.


I then logged in from another machine as normal.  I went back on the Server Admin Panel to check up on something and noticed that even though I was logged in, I wasn't listed in the Clients(!!!)  I had been logged in for a while (maybe a couple of minutes).


I've never noticed this before, but then again, how would I ?   If a user was logged in, but not showing in the clients panel, how would I know that was the case, unless, as this morning, that user happened to be me?


Anyways, this is alarming, since sometimes I need to take the files down for local maintenance.  I noted that a couple of times when I did this a few weeks ago, when I did "Stop Database Server", it just wouldn't do it.  So I stopped the Windows service.  I thought that was fine, because I thought I knew that nobody was logged in, but now I am not sure about whether I can/did really "know" that. 


Is there any way to re-jigger the admin panel so it shows who's logged in and who's not, accurately?  If even the command line was not accurate in this, I'm guessing the answer is no.