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WebKit link bubble appears when selecting event in web view calendar to drag and drop.

Question asked by podsasso on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2019 by ibrahim_bittar

I Have a drag and drop calendar working in webviewer (FullCalendar), but after upgrading to the latest iPad Pro ’18 from a 3rd gen iPad, when I try to drag an appointment, after pressing my finger on the appointment, unless I start drag going straight away, after a second an iOS or webkit/safari bubble appears with the http link inside- exaclty as images do in safari.

This behaviour does not occur in the live demo on their website in safari. FullCalendar - JavaScript Event Calendar

Neither does it occur on my old iPad retina running iOS 10 and filemaker go 16..


Is there a solution? Or is this a platform limitation?


thanks for any help...