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you do not have sufficient access privileges

Question asked by datiba on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by datiba

My database was made in FM 14. After upgrading to FM Pro Advanced 17 I get an error when running a script. The script "add artwork to invoice" works fine but when I get to the final step of selecting what to add from the associated value list I get the "you do not have sufficient access privileges" error.  The steps I have taken are:

-being sure I am logged in as an admin

-making a new admin account with full privileges and using that to perform the action

-calling Filemaker and emailing them the script, which they said was fine

-recovering and checking consistency.

I have spent several hours on the phone with Filemaker and have emailed back and forth over the last couple of weeks as well. They basically have said they are not developers and there is nothing more they can suggest. They have sent a form to get my money back if I destroy the app. Then I will have to stay on FM 14 on an old computer, which works fine, but I am kind of shocked that this is the end of the line for help from them. Does anyone have any ideas to try?