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Passowrd SNAFU

Question asked by susancainewilliams on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by susancainewilliams

I was working on some File Options for a particular Solution and on the Open tab noticed the Account and Password option when logging in. Since I don't want a password I unticked the box circled in red in the image below. Then I simply clicked OK. Now I'm locked out and I'm about to barf (I've done some research in the last 20 minutes and NOW know that leaving the box checked with no password (like it was!) is what I want, but I can't believe there isn't some way to get into the file...


Anyone know the magic, or who if there's a Wizard at FMP who can help me? I'm up against a time crunch so sooner is better.








PS--If anyone from FMP reads this, it would be REALLY helpful if there was an idiot-proof alert when clicking ok if you've set the file so it can't be opened....