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Can't unzip from script

Question asked by on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2019 by Johan Hedman

I made a script so i could export a zip file with fonts from a container field and i exported the zip file to a library in the users Library/Fonts/ or as i want it in production in the /Library/Fonts/. I have not problem to export the file to these libraries. But when i try to unzip it i got an error that the disk is full. Experience tells me it is a permission problem. When i started i used the bBox plugin and the Bash function and then i used the Applescript function with the same result. I believe the unzip command somehow don't have the correct permissions to do this or try to unzip the file from /. Can i elevate the permission (i don't think so) or does any one have a solution for this problem?


My workaround is to put each font in a container and then export each font and put them in the /Library/Fonts/ and then restart FileMaker. But it would look good if i could just use one container field.