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What's the best way to systemize employee badge printing from FileMaker to an ID card printer?

Question asked by SamRiggleman on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by dale_allyn

We have an employee database in FileMaker that has all the info we need to print badges, names, pictures, ID's, etc, but what's the best way to get the info to a badge printer? Are there any printers from which you can print directly from FileMaker? We print wristbands for med patients directly to a Zebra HC100 and inventory barcode labels directly to the Zebra QLn series printers, but I'm told the Zebra ZC300 and ZC350 badge printers are completely different.


We do have a double-sided Enduro 3E ID card printer, but the manual process is painful and prone to error.


Anyone have experience with this?


Appreciate your help!!