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Question asked by lhill14 on Jan 11, 2019
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I am creating a DB for a solo medical practice. Currently, they are operating 100% on paper except for billing, which they do not want included in the solution.   The team there is very reluctant to use electronic patient records, mostly due to the learning curve.  (I will inquire about security and HIPPA concerns in separate posts!)


There are many forms in their patient files, mostly consent and surgical fact sheets which must be signed upon receipt of the info. In order to make this feel as similar as possible to their current workflow, I'd like to scan or recreate their existing forms and store them in a "library" of sorts, to be selected and pulled in, and included in - or somehow associated with -  each patient record. They will also need to have digital signature. 


I have the basic patient records all set up.  So, I'd like to add the forms as attachments (or otherwise) to each record as needed, and collect signatures on them. Can this be done?

Thank you - Laura