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Custom menus or OnLayoutKeystroke in iOS to trigger a script

Question asked by dddan on Jan 12, 2019


We use some USB and bluetooth long range QR code scanners on MacOS and Windows and this works fine. We now would like to use the same scanners with iPads. The scanners work, they send the scanned code as text to for instance notes. We cannot use the built in camera, we need to use long range scanners. 

But... on desktops I use a custom menu set key command to trigger the scanner script. (the scanners are programable, and you can tell them to send for instance Ctrl/shift/alt 7 before the scanned code or respond to a certain character code, like the yen sign. This works great: the prefix triggers the script, which makes sure the code is entered in the right field, and from there on it is processed.


However, custom key menu set commands do not seem to work on iOS.

So I tried using OnLayoutKeystroke. Works fine on desktops, but when consulting the FM manual it says that on iOS it is partially supported: FileMaker Go: This trigger is activated only if a field is active when the user enters a keystroke."

This is not going to work, you want the scanner script to be triggered no matter if the user is in a field or not.


Before I revert to a different method (either a scan button to activate the scan script or make a field active, or script the layouts so that there is always a field active, but they are all less ideal) I wanted to check if anyone else has faced this problem, and knows a solution I didn't think of, or aren't aware of.


In short: I need to be able to send a not frequently used key command or code to FM Go which will trigger a script.


Any help is much appreciated.


Thanks, Daniel