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Discussion created by ChrisJohnston on Jan 11, 2019
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In FileMaker you can have a relationship that “Allows creation of records in this table via this relationship”. In a usual scenario I would have a Table A ----< Table B and Table B would have this option checked. When I was a novice to FileMaker, I would always do things in the textbook way, that being create a record in Table B and populate its foreign key with the primary key from Table A. One day (while still a novice) I was experimenting and discovered that a record in Table A could populate any (not just the primary key) field in Table B and create a record. I was blow away at this time. I thought I had cracked the DaVinci Code. I then calmed down and realized that was how FileMaker works. Since then I have used this feature to my advantage many times. I like it a lot. I have these questions though…

Is this just how FileMaker works or is this a known concept in databases? If so, what is it called? Can this get you into trouble? Also, if this is a concept in databases does PHP have a construct like this with MySQL or any other database?


Thanks Chris