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Under The Hood: Quick Find ?

Question asked by badmonkey842 on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by dtcgnet

Does anyone know how the quick find functions under the hood in terms of movement of data?


for instance, for each field object marked as "include field in quick find" I assume that field/object needs to be indexed/cached in some fashion in order for the quick find function to execute? in addition, I assume that because it is part of inspector that quick find is an attribute of the field object and not directly a table::field attribute. with those two assumptions....


1) If a field is not indexed at the Table Field Level and the relative field object of that field is set to quick find.  What happens in terms of data transmission on a hosted solution? does the field become indexed/cached as needed?


2)  in the case where a field is assigned in two field objects within the same layout, does the action perform a find  once or twice?


real life scenario that caused the thought question:

I have a Tab object with a portal in each tab. (limited real estate space to show all related data).  There are a couple common fields within the portals that I would like to enable quick find. Since they are common/repeated, I assume it does not matter which one is included vs not included and either one enabled should yield the same result (based on same field, TO, relationship). BUT does havent redundancy impact performance of the find for users on WiFi, remote VPN



hope the question makes sense...