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Snapshot link and Server name question

Question asked by DavidCrockett on Jan 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2019 by wimdecorte

We have a strictly internal Filemaker server.  It hosts numerous files that are accessed only by PC using a FM client.   We recently migrated from FM15 to FM17.  Our normal process (through the various iterations of FM back to 8 which is when I started with the company in an IT role) is to rename the server to reflect the FM version name.  So for example we just moved from FM15 to FM17 (not the real names but close approximation). We use a starter solution that accesses the files by IP and that is what we give to all users to open the necessary files.    Recently one department has begun using the Snapshot link files.    After the migration (4 weeks after) we were notified that the snapshot links weren't working.  I opened one with a text editor and can see that it is referencing FM15.LOCAL .  


Do all snapshot inherit the local fileserver name even though they may have been opened by IP?  

Or is this the case of one engineer doing it his own way?   


I found another thread in this forum and it highlighted another  limitation to this which is users on VPN cant access it either because they are on a slightly different network segment so they dont see the "local" server either.  No one has complained about that yet but I would like to solve it before someone does. 


I can add an entry to my host file on my PC for that name with the IP address and that will work.    I can also edit the snapshot in the TXT editor with the correct details and that will work as well.      But has anyone come across a more "global" type solution to fix an issue like this  (DNS entry, Regedit or anything?...preferably something that I can push via GPO or by tweaking something in the environment)   and is there a way to force the client to not see the "local" server?   I can push a Favorite host out using the IP address with a GPO which would work on VPN as well as locally so if there is a way I can do that I would.   Thank you.