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imported tsv file currency format mess up "." vs "."

Question asked by splintah on Jan 13, 2019
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hey guys

i have to lead with that I am rather new to filemaker (3 weeks)


i am importing a big tsv (tab seperated values) from a google sheet

its financial data so a lot of fields and currency numbers


the strange thing is that it really messes up the numbers

for smaller numbers (up to 999.99) the comma seperator gets ignored and that makes the number x100

so 12.43 become 1,243

if i have the thousands seperator it then pushes that one as the comma seperator

so 12,231.45 euros become 12.23

i am in europe (austria) but i am using "," as thousand seperators and "." as comma seperators (google spreadsheets)

if i set this up in filemaker it still does not seem to accept it properly

if i tell it to display "as entered" it works in the table but the reports still have the same issues


any help would be greatly appreciated