Symantec and Norton refuse to download my Runtime

Discussion created by mramsay21104 on Jan 14, 2019
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Hello, folks.  I developed an FM-14 runtime solution that prospects can download from my website.  The runtime is packaged with Inno Setup and certificated by Comodo.  The development computer, a one-year old PC,  is protected by Norton 360.  Norton had determined my website as a "Norton Safe" website.  Norton has scanned and found my development computer as virus-free.  For five years, anybody could download my software with little fuss.


That's not possible now.  I tried to download my product from my website to my development computer this month, January 2019.  Norton and Symantec now won't let that happen.  Norton says the app has a "Bad Reputation" and erases the download. Symantec says the app was evaluated on their "cloud experience" device and was found not acceptable.  So now, I can't deliver my app to prospective users.  Heretofore, I could.  A prospective client was able to download and operate the appt last August 2018.


Short of only offering served solutions and revamping my website accordingly, has anyone been successful getting around this security problem?  Thanks.