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Discussion created by karl.hhome on Jan 12, 2019
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Thanks in advance for your help. I started my database on the Estimates template which already has Customers - Products and Estimates layouts made. On these there is a layout selector and sort selection. I have recently made a new layout/table called "Tools List" and I copied over the same layout selector, sort list key, result label plural and sort selection to it. I then modified the sort list key, result label plural and sort selection to reflect the information I want to use from the Tool list table, including some new value lists.  The layout selector is working fine.


The problem I am having is that when I try to use the Sort selector, it won't sort the items shown, although it does display the appropriate value list. No matter which value you click, it doesn't perform the sorting action, and it also changes the Layout selector value to Products (which is the table I copied things from), however, even though the value displays products, it stays on my Tool List page.


Another note is that when I click the Sort Records Button and select the sort list key from my tool list layout, the information sorts properly. However if I use the Sort Selector, and then go to the same sort records button, I notice that the Products::Sort Selection Key is already in the table on the right hand side.


I'm assuming/hoping that I am missing something fairly minor, anybody have an idea?