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filemaker file size updating

Question asked by fluffy on Jan 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by fluffy

hi group!

I am creating a database that will store pictures but i want to look into the effect of the actual database file size as new records are added with their pictures.

so on my pc for the initial tests i currently have two windows open, in the left window is the actual database with the records and the window on the right is just the directory folder open so i can see the database file and how big it is via the size colim in the view.

when i add new records with pictures or remove records i do not see the file size increasing or decreasing in the folder on the right until i actually shut down the database?


is there a way to have the file size in windows update live so i can see the effect on data storage as i am doing stuff?


it's like i need a database save button or a commit action


please note this is not a complicated addition to the database at this stage this is only required in the windows environment i.e i just want to see the file grow or shrink as i add or remove records in the initial trials.