Changing directories on an external HD using Send Event

Discussion created by bcmillerway on Jan 13, 2019
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I'm using an external drive F: on a Windows machine in FMP 14 (same problem in v17).


When I try to change to a directory named 'EverythingElse' on the F: drive using the Send Event script step, -doesn't happen.


I can get to the F: drive Ok:    cmd /c F:

but this doesn't produce any results:

    cmd /c F: &&

    cmd /c cd EverythingElse


I've tried all sorts of variations like:

      cmd /c cd EverythingElse\          and,

      cmd /c cd \EverythingElse\         and,

      cmd /c cd /EverythingElse/         and,

      cmd /c cd "EverythingElse"        and,

      cmd /c cd "F:\EverythingElse"



Things work fine on the C: drive  -no problems there.

What am I not taking into account?