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FMS backups to external drive question

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2019 by taylorsharpe

I need to specify a backup filepath to an external drive.  I have been in the help section and found the info I quoted below. 

I am pretty sure I need to reinstall Filemaker Server to make this work.  I need to take down a live system and not mess around for too long so I figured I would ask here first.  Thanks in advance.


on a Mac, If I am going to specify a user account other then the default account to achieve this, does it have to be an OS user account? Should I create a new OS user besides the default admin account before I reinstall?  or will specifying anything other then the default account make this work? When I look at File access of folders storing on the internal drive, I can see a user called "fmsadmin".  I had to enable that as read/write to specify an internally store file path.


FileMaker Server 17 Help

If you specify a folder on a remote volume, you must do the following:

When you install FileMaker Server, specify a FileMaker Server user account other than the default account. Ensure that this account has sufficient permissions to read and write the folder on the remote volume.

Windows: If the FileMaker Server user account is a Windows domain account, disable User Access Control (UAC) and restart FileMaker Server. See Windows Help and Support.

macOS: To use a remote volume, make sure the remote volume is mounted and accessible before FileMaker Server starts.