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PSOS import ODBC data

Question asked by cmskatz on Jan 14, 2019
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I have a simple script that imports 500 records ( just 2 text fields in each record ) from another Filemaker file hosted on our server. I have used the import records and ODBC option and all works fine when ran locally on my PC.


I want to be able to run this script on the server so that other users can run the same script without having to set up the ODBC drivers on every machine.


I have installed the ODBC drivers on the server and configured with the same DSN as used on my machine. If I run the test from within the ODBC administrator on the server all works fine using the same user name and password as on the script. I then call the original script with the Perform Script on Server step but get a message saying the file cannot be found. Checking the logs on the server it shows scripting error 802.


What am I doing wrong? Only thing I can see is that as my FMP is 32bit and I am using the 32bit ODBC driver. The server has the 64bit driver.


For info. My laptop is FMPA16 32bit on Windows 10. The server is FMS16 on Windows Server 2008R2.