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Portal with multiple records of different tables?

Question asked by 6days on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by 6days

Hi everyone,


I have a table CONTRACTS in which I have two related tables: CONTACTS and INVENTORY. In there I can set up invoices, consignment contracts and certificates of receipt between an artwork and a contact. In both related tables I set up a portal, so a new contract would shop up in the respective record of the inventory and the contacts (see photo).


I have been experimenting how I can add more than one artwork at the same time, for example an invoice with 1 contact and 3 artworks. For this I made the following relationships (see photo). It actually works out fine like this, but the portal on the related tables CONTACTS and INVENTORY only shows the first artwork. The other two records remain empty.


Is there any way I can change this? Or does anyone have a better solution for one invoice with multiple artworks?


(the third screenshot with the inventory-relationships: not sure either what I did there... I took that from another discussion post on here: link multiple records on one table to a single record in another table )