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Which record does Filemaker pick from a child table?

Question asked by StevieP on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by onefish

The situation is as follows: I have a table with a bunch of order data. Connected to that order data, there's a table that shows deliveries. For example, order of item A gets delivered in 3 parts, so the child table has 3 records for that order.


Now, I like to have a simple overview on the order page to let me know the basics. In this instance, I'd like to have the last delivery date and amount be visible. Now, since the child table has several records, it's not clear to me how Filemaker decides which record it will show when I use the "relative record" field from the child table on a layout of the order table.


I could technically create a portal of 1 and sort by date to force the data to appear but I can't integrate such a portal in my layout and I can't use it in "Tooltips" then either (I like to use Tooltips for more info like who made the delivery)


So can anyone give me more info about how I can get Filemaker to pick a specific record of the child table without using portals?