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monthly report

Question asked by kawaii on Jan 15, 2019
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I am trying to create a report with a sub summary base on monthly dates. i need the fields(e.g things purchased) that all fall under the month/year to be categorized together and so on.

i have tried sorting my sub summary by my dates but it does not work. i have tried creating a field and using this calculation that i've found on the web as a way to sort my sub summary but this also does not work:

year (date) * 100 + month (date)


this is what i want it to look like:

feb 2019

02/02/2019 - pineapple: 3

02/19/2019 - bananas: 10


total fruits: 13



march 2018

03/02/2018 - pineapple: 11

03/14/2018 - bananas: 1


total fruits: 12