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IOS App SDK 'License to Sell'

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Jan 15, 2019
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Mobile hasn't been a priority for us and our interest in the SDK has been to keep an eye on it, but we've been too busy to take any positive action.


However, the release of 24U Software's Xgode has stimulated our interest, particularly as we've some suitable projects in development.


Having applied and been approved for the Enterprise Apple Development program, I've been looking through the various license agreements. Without spending hours looking through these, and not sure I'd understand them if I did, I'm finding it difficult to identify where the authority to distribute apps created this way can be found.


FileMaker's iOS App SDK clearly states 'to distribute custom iOS apps within their organizations' the iOS App SDK 17 Guide includes in the Overview 'You can deploy FileMaker custom apps the same way you deploy other business apps for your organization'.


Apple's license agreement includes ' You may also distribute Your Applications for iOS, watchOS and tvOS to individuals within Your company, organization, educational institution, group, or who are otherwise affiliated with You for use on a limited number of Registered Devices'. We'd not be using the Apple App Store, hence the delivery of free or fee-based applications wouldn't apply.


I'd appreciate if anyone distributing iOS apps created by the SDK could point us in the right direction before we commit our money to this.


Many thanks