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Has background window event handling changed in iOS?

Question asked by nickg on Jan 14, 2019
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I have an application designed for FMGo that on opening first opens a window 'GPSTracker' and then opens a second window 'Main' that runs the main user interface. GPSTracker has a webviewer that runs some Javascript that every 15 seconds reads the GPS unit and sends the values to the application using an FMP URLScheme, which stores the latest reading in a global field and appends it to a track log. The 'Main' layouts can read the latest reading from the global field and show the coordinates on the top of the layouts. The reason to take this route is to avoid the irritating delay when a script in the 'Main' layout reads the location from the GPS - I need maximum accuracy for my application.


The application was written using FM12 and worked fine even on FMGo14. However, I now want to update the application to take advantage of new features but have discovered that my 'GPSTracker' window now no longer continues to run the Javascript while in the background - the location is only updated when I bring the window to the foreground for a moment, and stops again when the 'Main' window is brought to the front.


Has the handling of background windows, or perhaps of the embedded webviewer Javascript, changed from FMGo14 onwards? I have the same problem using FM17 and FMGo17.