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Fastest method of Exporting .Fmp12 Files?

Question asked by jhensen54 on Jan 15, 2019
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Hey all,

My question today relates more towards SPEED of exporting a .fmp12 file from a container field. Usually such container files are big files of around 2GB - 3.2GB and I have a script that natively exports the container into iPads. As of now, we upload preloaded sync local files in those containers so that when we have new updated versions we just upload it and when an ipad user needs a new version (assuming they haven't synced in a while) we just  have them export it into their local ipad and they are set to go. The issue though is the amount of time it takes for them to export and download that file. It sometimes takes 15 minutes to even 35 minutes just to have it exported. This is obviously an issue since these workers can't be waiting this long to get going with their daily work tasks. Is there another way of approaching this? How can I get the time to export to improve to maybe maximum 5 minute of wait time?