Highs and Lows of a newbie FM Developer

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Years ago i started with FMPA11 and then 12. was fun and enjoyed the challenges but never really got into it big time as had other career plans.

Now after working hard for last few years and body can't take so much of a beating, was looking at returning to FM as always enjoyed the challenges of databases and programming. However, with each step forward i find it to be more and more like i am making the wrong choices.


Dont get me wrong I find the platform Excellent and the support from fellow developers Great. The Filemaker rep was good when i had a chat with them, but that's where things started to threaten my plan.


Finding out the licensing and restrictions was a worrying factor, the cost involved to a client is automatically threatening any plans i have eg.


I have a client in mind i had discussed a simple vehicle checklist via FmGo, but has several sites and the same number of iPads plus 5 supervisors/superintendents whom will also need access. Yes this is just a small sample of the business with it possibly going alot further as alot more things could be done but this was a trial to test if it was going to work.


When i sat down and worked out the hosting $720(Cheap third party server Baic minimum requirements), FM server user (10) licensing alone it was $2300 roughly so over $3000 for a simple checklist app, thats $250 a month and as the app will need setting up for each vehicle (as sites dont all have same rescue equipment) not including the Hardware (iPads) and development this makes it unrealistic expensive for a startup to try and market.

Which is a shame as in a previous post most of us here enjoy the development side hence why we do it. but i am having trouble trying to get my head around the cost for a small to try and make it out their in a real world. for inhouse development then yes, but i can also see how they can bend the rules with concurrent licensing etc.


The silly thing is for the checklist because most sites do it when they start shift there would be 7 users connecting at the same time or within 10-20 minutes window, so trying to reduce the number of users to reduce cost aint going to work, and if a supervisor wants to check the results.


As for the Current project i am using to learn and develop my skills i have spent 5 months working on and finding the pro's and Con's of filemaker, i still love the platform, but i can't see how i can make it work for me yet. Still trying but $250 a month for a simple checklist.


I am aware of the SBA and had discussions for this but again for a small 1 man development team i can't see me developing something i can sell 50 user licenses every year to maintain requirements, even at the reduce costs provided by the SBA. As dont have the time and skills to that level.


I personally see filemaker heading towards corporate software and leaving the Small users behind. Again this is just me opinion and loved to be proved wrong, even tried proving myself and check the listing of Filemaker partners in the local area, of the 7 listed only 2 current still do development the other only maintain their current clients software, and not providing new development for new clients. And was told that it was 12+ 18 months ago. even the website shows the latest certificied partner is only to FMPA 15.

And not looking good for a major city of just over a million people. Gave me hope to find a gap, but then thinking about everything makes me think hard if it can happen, and why others have stopped.


When you look at most booking software companys today Eg in Australia ServiceM8, they offer customised software for 20-30 extra a month. or Field Service and some others will customise for the larger companys sometimes included in there monthly service fee.


Anyway my story for the last 5 months of development. Again thanks for everyones help has been great, will keep on plugging away at things.

Please if i have made a mistake somewhere let me know, as not trying to say i am giving up but is just my gathering of info and thoughts, that i needed to express. (Been a Rough Day)