FM16/Mac File Not Opening in FM17/Windows

Discussion created by AnneAdams on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by AnneAdams

A couple of weeks ago I created a simple example file in FM16 on a Mac.  I sent it to a client who has FM17 on Windows.  She was unable to open it.  I then opened the file in FM17 on a Mac, made a couple of minor changes, and sent it again.  When she tried to open it, the following window popped up.


"This action cannot be performed because this file has multiple hard links and is not modifiable.   This file may be part of a FileMaker Server backup, and should not be changed.  You must make a copy of the file and open the copy to make changes."


The file has never been hosted or backed up by FM Server.  It has never been used in a production environment.  It has no scripts or calculation fields.  It has no links of any kind that I'm aware of. 


Can anyone advise what might be wrong, what I should look for, and/or what I might do to troubleshoot and hopefully solve the problem?


Thanks so much for any help!