Server 17 Scheduled Script Stuck Running...

Discussion created by BrynBehrenshausen on Jan 16, 2019
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I have a scheduled script that runs every 5 minutes as part of our CRM to retrieve emails from an Office365 mailbox for conversation archiving a la Salesforce. I use a plugin to do this.


Occasionally the script will hit a snag and hang or not exit properly. The odd thing is it appears in the FMS admin console that it's still running. There is no "client" connection in the database list, but the scheduled script still says "Running...". In the past, using the fmsadmin restart fmse command would clear up a hung scheduled script, but that doesn't appear to work anymore. I've tried it a few times and the scheduled script is still in the Running... state. Has anyone else found this problem where you can't get the scheduled scripts unstuck?


To be clear, I'm not asking to solve the problem with the plugin / script, I'm already in contact with the plugin vendor for that. My question is specifically about restarting the script engine.