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Download a file to a folder with URL

Question asked by hmpsltd on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by dtcgnet

I have a solution that contains a URL in a text field. Using the stored URL, we currently are able to use the insert  from URL to download a file into a container and later export it out. All of the source files are downloaded from an external server and collected in our solution.


The issue is some of these files are large .iso files and it takes a long time to download them into a container and also a long time to export them out.


Our solution takes several files stored in the database and exports them to a USB Flash with predetermined folder names and files names Like a customized software package.


Is there a way we can just store the URL to the file and use it to download the file directly to a folder location when we are ready for it?  It almost works with a web viewer except it prompts the user for a file location to save the file. Is there a way to suppress that and script the path to save the file?