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Need two software copies for assistants

Question asked by perryy on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by ByteTheBullet

i developed a simple database containing all my present and past clients as well as potential clients. It's essentially a flat file (spreadsheet) with one portal. I mostly use table view, and to view larger fields, like notes, I switch to a form view.  I how have two colleagues who are remote from me who I need to be able to access and update the data. I've identified suitable hosting firms and will upload the file to one shortly. But, my associates need a copy of Filemaker, since webdirect will not work (no table view).  Obtaining two copies of filemaker current version from Filemaker seems to cost $1000+. Can anyone recommend an economical solution? If I purchase a previous legal version in the box, will that work and how old a version can I get by with. (One of my people has a Mac and the other a PC.) My version is 15.