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JSON to WordPress | Native or Plugin?

Question asked by sam.gedert on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by Mike Duncan

Greetings FileMakers,


I continue to wade into the ever-deepening waters of JSON functionality. Currently, I would classify my skill level as a C-. I've made some successful posts using PostMan and have copied those into FMP and received expected results but have never integrated it into a live production system.


I have a customer who is looking to integrate their FileMaker solution with their existing WordPress website. They want users to be able to register for events ( no payment interface ) and update their contact information.


I know there are several plugins that make the JSON process a simpler. Before I did into it, I wanted to ask if anyone ( Besides Christian has experience using a plugin to generate JSON. If so, did you find it to make a huge impact on the overall simplicity of coding or was the benefit marginal?


The other approach is to dive into JSON with both feet and keep the solution plugin free. This is my preference, but am looking for good reference material. Suggestions appreciated.


Thanks, gang and keep on keeping on...