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<FieldMissing> for one client?

Question asked by WinTechServ on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Jason Wood

Hi all - In a hosted environment (FMS 17 | Pro 16 & 17| all Mac) there are two users that see <FieldMissing> instead of the contents of the field. The field where this happens is on a layout based on the table that contains the data, so there is no relationship involved that might be broken.  The user is unable to access the data in question from the source table or from anywhere else in the solution.


In one instance a client restart solved the problem temporarily.


If everybody was seeing this i'd conclude the file was damaged, do file maintenance, and replace the field with a new one. This is only a couple of clients but the field is referenced in 154 places and I'd really hate to have to replace it.


Anybody seen anything similar or have any ideas?