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Separating one field into separate fields with a counter

Question asked by cnnorris on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Oliver_Reid

Hello all! I am new to filemaker and I am trying to create a layout for attendance in the school. Ideally, this layout will look something like a list:


Student ID      AttendanceType1  AttendanceType2.... AttendanceType7

                       Run COUNTER 1   Run COUNTER 2 ...  Run Counter 7


I currently have a field called status_type which combines the status(excused/unexcused/NA) with the type (Absent/tardy/present). I am thinking the best way to go about this is separating my status_type field into multiple fields (one for PresentNA, one for absentExcused, etc). Then getting a count of each field.


However, I feel if I go this route, I will run into the problem of having multiple days for the same ID that wont combine when I do the counter. and I'm very confused how to combat this.


I suppose to communicate this better through an example: I have a student, ID 000, whose attendance I have a unique status_type per day since the beginning of the school year (roughly 150 days). So, I will have 150 different values for student ID 000 that need to be sorted by status_type then counted. What is the easiest way to go about this? Am I in the right mindspace?