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Fixing printing when multiple printers are involved.

Question asked by liltbrockie on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Reid Larson

Having just spent the best part of a week on and off, trying to allow users to print to either a Label printer OR their normal laser printer, I am just wondering...


Are there any plans to fix this utter abomination of a subsystem in Filemaker?


Scripting something simple like... IF its a label, print to the label printer and if its not, print to the normal printer seems to be as difficult and frustrating as trying to land an ant on the prick of a pin from a small tiny paper handkerchief launched from 100 meters away.


I gather this is a common issue after some quick googling... is it impossible to even take a look at fixing it?


I have tried various workarounds... all manner of combination of Print Setup Scripts and Print scripts, even had a look at some very expensive extensions that claim to ge the job done but are actually more trouble than their worth.


So Filemaker... I beg you... do you think it might be possible to one day be able to print to different printers and for it to remember the settings you actually desire?


If I see "Letter" instead of "A4" one more time I think I might have a nervous breakdown.... :-(