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Filter Portal Not Working

Question asked by ezellkendrick on Jan 17, 2019
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I am working in Filemaker Pro Advanced 16. I have a Table 1 which has a list of items by name whose values are not necessarily unique. I have Table 2 which is linked to Table 1 through Id and IdFk fields. I want to filter the portal to show items that match the field (Item) in Table1 that is entered into (Name) global field in Table 2 or when (Name) is empty it lists all the portal records for Table 1. I also tried to set it to list all records when "All" is entered into (Name). Following is the script I took from a discussion on in the Forum, which I can not get to work.


Let (

  f = Table2::Name ;

  Case (

    IsEmpty ( f ) or f = "All" ;

    True ;

    f = Table1::Item  )



Please advise as to what could be wrong?