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Perfom script by name -> application unstable

Question asked by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by TSGal


I have a multiple file solution (about 40 files).

User accounts are native FileMaker accounts.

We used to have some account management scripts that would perform subscripts in every file to maintain sync of user accounts.

And I decided to simplify this by using a loop that performs the subscript by name (each iteration triggers the subscript in a related file)

As a result, -the process does its job nicely- FileMaker Pro Advanced (Mac) is in an unstable state (doesn't display layouts correctly, sometimes I can't change record). And after a few minutes it crashes.

So there seem to be some leak with perform script by name on another file, and piling them up in a loop seems to cause the crash.


Another comment is that while the loop is running, the mouse cursor keeps changing from hourglass to beachball and back, while with standard perform script (from list), it stays still. Allow user abort is on NO during the process.