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ERD for more than one school

Question asked by mt_vernon on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by mt_vernon

A teacher teaches in 2 schools. Each school has several locations where the lessons take place. In these locations different courses are given at different times for many students. The teacher wants to keep track in which class they follow lessons and what they have done in class on a certain date and what their assignment is for the next lesson.


Is it possible to have 2 environments in one database. I mean: If that teacher teaches in school 'A', he only wants to see the students from school 'A' in his list. Same for school 'B'. The only common thing is the learning material ...


I understand how to set up the database for one school but how do I deal with it if the teacher teaches in more than one school? He wants to switch from 1 environment to another and see a different set of students and classes.


Thanks in advance for the advice.