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Student theatre inventory tracking

Question asked by TorErikSolem on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by dvalley

Hi there. I am all new to Filemaker, and have probably taken on too big a task I do like to learn new stuff, and think of this as a nice way into a bit of database programming. I have been fooling around with Filemaker for about a week now, one hour there, another three here, watching tutorials and playing around with valuelists and relationship tables.


I want to set up a database for a students theatre. In this I would like to track movement/placing and booking of the items between the warehouse, rehersal rooms and two different stages.


Maybe it would be possible to make a production/play act as a "costumer", that books a wig, three microphones, one chair and those 4 costumes. I mean, my inventory list is long, and these are just simple examples. If I add start/end dates to the production, then the DB could tell me if said item is available for the next production or not?


I would also like to be able to know in what box, at what shelve, in what corner of the warehouse the wig is stored when it is not being used by any production.


So, in the first place I am not asking for a full explanation on how to do this, but rather some clues as to point me in the correct directon, to give me a good start. Will I end up with 50ish tables in here and a great mess in the relationships graph, or is this actually a simple thing to do?


Thanks, in advance