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FileMaker PluginDev: environment.Evaluate overwrite locals

Question asked by User26051 on Jan 18, 2019
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MacOS 10.12.6



Hello, I am working on a plugin project, and I see that the environment.Evaluate function overwrite some of the global variables. I have created a workaround that puts back the old values, and then everything works fine. The evaluate function returns the desired result.


The Evaluate function executes the following calculation:
ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT Title, slug_filename, Category FROM ACF_Documents LEFT OUTER JOIN ACF_Categories as c ON c.PrimaryKey = Category_UUID ORDER BY Sorting, Category" ; "||" ; "|*|")


See the screenshot and comment in the attached picture: environment_evaluate_failure.jpg


Output from the execution:

Evaluate changed PC from 459 to 981 - restoring...


Evaluate changed rcs from 1 to 0 - restoring...


Evaluate changed rlv from 18 to 2 - restoring...



Does anyone know what can cause this ?


Best Regards,


Ole Kristian Ek Hornnes

System Developer