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Enabling file references in multi-file solution where one file uses FileMaker authentication and reference file uses Active Directory Groups

Question asked by mobilesimmo on Jan 18, 2019
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I am adding a new function for occasional external users to a complex multi-file solution. There are about 100 of these external users who will access the new function either in a browser via webdirect or via FileMaker Go on an iPad.


Currently I have built scripts to create and manage internal FileMaker accounts and a related priviledge set for these users in the main user interface file. This file needs to access a number of data fields and scripts in a second existing file (on the same server) - but this file uses authentication via Active Directory groups. With this many occasional user accounts, the last thing I want to do is to have to load them all into Active Directory OR to replicate all the accounts into the second file.


I have granted full access priviledges to the relevant scripts, but i cannot figure out a way to allow references to related data fields in the second file.


I tried adding the related file to the File Access permissions in Manage Security, but that does not solve it as it seems to be more about restricting security than enabling access.


I also read the article here about using the new server OAuth external authentication services, but I would still have to load all the users into those services, so I may as well use AD!


Does anyone have any ideas, or is it AD load time?