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FMGo, bluetooth scanners and script triggers

Question asked by randomstream on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by randomstream

I have come across a problem in setting up ipads to work with bluetooth scanners to check products as they are loaded into boxes. We want to check that the scanned code is contained within a given list of barcodes.  The script is pretty basic: there is a global field to hold the barcode and it has a script trigger set to 'OnObjectEnter'. The barcodes have a trailing tab and when the trigger picks this up it runs a script to compare the scanned barcode with a database of codes. If there is a match, the product is ticked off, if not, there is an alert. This works very well. However, occasionally the script trigger fails to fire and the user is stuck in the global barcode field. Every time a user scans a product, the barcode is added to that field, with the tab failing to fire the checking part of the script.  The only way to reset the problem is to close the FMGo application, then restart it. Then everything works as normal. Needless to say when things are busy this causes problems. Does anyone know what could be going wrong, or if there is a quicker way to kick the trigger into working again without going through a restart of the application?


There are three ipads currently running the same file and the same behaviour has been seen on all of them, though not at the same time. It either doesn't happen at all in a given day, or can hit one ipad three or four times in a day. I haven't found any external factors that might have caused the failure.

We are using FM14 server, FMGo14 and Koamtac 200 scanners.