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Related fields not updating after import

Question asked by baleihi on Jan 18, 2019
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I have a student record database.  Two main tables are Courses (one per course with primary key field kp_CourseID) and Classes (one per student in a course with primary field kp_ClassID and foreign fields kf_CourseID and kf_StudentID) .   The relationships are:

Courses::kp_CourseID <==>  Classes::kf_CourseID

Courses::Course Name         Classes::kf_StudentID <==> Students::kp_StudentID

                                                                                                 Student::Student Name

I show the Course Names and Student Names on the layout.

I just imported a Course record and 4 related Class records.  When I look at the Course Layout I see the related class records in the portal listing them.  But that portal also contains a student name field from the related Students table which is blank.  I can see the Classes::kf_StudentID and it's fine.  But the relationship into Students seems not to have been updated.  If I edit the Classes::kf_StudentID by adding then removing a space or re-enter it, the relationship takes and things are fine.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do?  Thanks,